6 AUG. 20

Cafeyn announces the acquisition of miLibris and confirms a strategic distribution partnership with SFR

Cafeyn can confirm the recent takeover of miLibris, a platform of software solutions, enabling publishers to digitize, enrich, distribute and monetise their content; and the signing of a major distribution partnership with French telecoms company SFR. With this acquisition and partnership, the Cafeyn group, which now employs around a hundred people, intends to strengthen its position as the leader in information streaming in France.

The integration of miLibris, made up of talented experts and complementary technological assets, into Cafeyn, will allow the company to accelerate its development plan. This relates both to improving the uses of its service and opening up to international markets. miLibris will strengthen Cafeyn's range of services with its publishing partners, and help open up the North American market with its subsidiary in Canada and its dedicated team on site. Cafeyn has also recently been awarded the TechAtWork label by the Choose My Company index, which highlights companies where life is good.

The distribution agreement with SFR definitively consolidates the position of Cafeyn, as the French leader and European pioneer for quality information streaming, the third major axis of streaming along with music and VOD. This agreement involves a gradual change from the SFR Presse service to the Cafeyn service. Subscribers taking advantage of the SFR Presse offer will continue to benefit from their advantages with the Presse by Cafeyn offer, giving them access to an unchanged catalogue of 80 press titles. They will also have the ability to take advantage of a new, enriched catalogue.

Cafeyn, which has seen strong growth in its registrations since the start of the year, now has 1.5 million active users (excluding the SFR partnership). The platform confirms its ambitions to continue to inform and arouse the curiosity of readers, by offering an information haven consisting of a library of thousands of titles.

"We are delighted to write a new page in the history of Cafeyn alongside miLibris and SFR, which is part of a development strategy that meets a strong ambition to become the European leader in streaming information. With this development, we will continue sharing our passion for the media, while strengthening our value proposition, as the sector reinvents itself. Cafeyn allows its readers to shelter from the media storm and access quality information that matters to them. We appreciate that access to quality content is essential to understanding the world around us". Ari Assuied, President of Cafeyn.

About Cafeyn

Since its creation in 2006, LeKiosk’s, now Cafeyn’s, ambition, driven by a deep passion for the media, has been to reconnect readers to the content that is relevant to them, by offering an ultra high-performance platform, based on advanced technology and backed up by a team of more than 90 people. With its expertise and a network of strategic partners, the platform offers hundreds of titles, news and magazines, accessible via mobile app or PC. Cafeyn is available in France, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Caribbean and Madagascar and aims to accelerate its international expansion over the next two years. Since its inception 13 years ago, Cafeyn has continued to rapidly innovate the way it promotes information streaming at a time when the industry is reinventing itself and the way the general public consumes information is changing.